Early Language Learning

My Wish for You

Judy McCombs, Early Language Learning Committee Chair

I’ve put away my summer tote. In it I have suntan lotion, the pool pass, lip balm, an extra ponytail grip, and the “free refills all summer” cup that was too expensive in the first place!  I had a good summer. My kids were back. I got to visit my family in San Antonio. I found a long lost friend.

Now, I’ve stocked my school tote with pens, pencils, markers, sticky note pads, my classroom key, the book I’ve been reading on Professional Learning Communities, and my flash drive.  I’d be in trouble without it!

About my long lost friend (long story, short version), we hadn’t spoken in 15 years.  When his wife contacted me I was overjoyed to know he was well, successful, has a family, and was living right here in Columbus!  I couldn’t wait to see him!  Getting together again was comfortable and not awkward as one would suspect after such a long period of silence.  It was as though we had just met for coffee the day before!  It was like finding that favorite sweater in the back of the closet that had been missing for years.  It still fits! It still warms the body and the soul.  It feels good and we still look good in it!

With all the negative publicity education, schools, and teachers continue to get I wish that as you step back into your classroom you find “that favorite sweater,” the happy feelings that remind you why you became a World Language Teacher.  I wish that those thoughts about making a difference, sharing the love of language learning and taking students beyond the state boundaries of Ohio still warm your body and soul.  I wish you still feel good about the challenge and commitment you are charged with.  I wish that you find former students that you haven’t heard from in years and that you too can rejoice in their successes knowing you had a hand in their formative years.

Have a great year!  “Teach like the world depends on it.” (Because it does!)  We are educating the leaders of tomorrow!

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