The Cardinal

Published three times per year

Submission Deadlines:

  • Fall edition deadline: September 30, 2018
  • Winter edition deadline: January 7, 2019
  • Spring/summer edition deadline: May 29, 2019

Send all submissions or queries to:

OFLA Editor for Print Publications: Jonathan Harris, St. Gabriel Consolidated School

OFLA Cardinal 2017-2018 Editing Team:
Kirsten Dickerson, Mentor High School
Deana Kramer, Perry High School
Laura Penzone, Hilliard High School
Juliana Porter, Newark High School
Elisabeth Ruiz-Flint, Seton Catholic School
Roz Terek, Poland Seminary High School (retired)

As stated in The Cardinal Vol.1 No 1, October 1962:  “We think we have the ideal title. Ohio’s representative bird, the cardinal, whose song is as beautiful as his plumage, is certainly distinctive. Furthermore, first definition of ‘cardinal’ is: ‘of basic importance.’ In this modern era it is ‘of basic importance’ for more Americans to know more modern foreign languages, and to know them better. So we think The Cardinal is a most suitable title for our modern foreign language newsletter.”