Announcement from OATJ (Ohio Association of Teachers of Japanese)

Hiroaki Kawamura

OATJ had a four-day OPI Assessment workshop at The Ohio State University on August 9-12.  We had Dr. Suwako Watanabe (Portland State University) as our trainer.  The ten participants (a maximum number of participants for an OPI assessment workshop) came not only from secondary schools but also from community and four-year colleges.  It was a very successful workshop.  The OATJ is encouraging those ten participants to continue with a full OPI tester training.

The OATJ will have an annual meeting at the Delaware campus of Columbus State Community College on Sunday, November 4.  The theme will be advocacy.  Our guests will be Dr. Motoko Tabuse (East Michigan University), Dr. Kazumi Matsumoto (Ball State University) and Consulate General of Japan in Detroit.  Kuninori Matsuda will be the guest speaker.

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