New Ad Hoc Committee Researches Tech-Based WL Programs

OFLA Board’s View of Commercially Produced Tech-Based WL Programs

Roslyn Terek, President

At the December 1st OFLA board meeting, the board discussed the recent posts on the Listserv about the use of technology-based World Language Programs. Richard Emch, OFLA Executive Vice-President, will serve as the chair for the Ad Hoc Committee which was created at this meeting.  The committee will research technology based WL programs and will report to us when their work is complete.

Currently, Ryan Wertz, ODE WL Consultant has a guidance document titled Guidance for Ohio Schools and Districts Considering Online and Technology-Based World Language Options. Within the document there are critical questions for all administrators to consider if they find themselves leaning toward the implementation of one of these programs.  Click on the link here to access this informative document.

The OFLA Board does not support the use of commercially produced programs for learning a world language. These programs do not provide the personal interaction and support necessary to provide WL learning for our students. The course content is frequently grammar oriented, relies heavily on rote memorization rather than on communicative functions and contains assessments that are not proficiency based. OFLA will keep you updated on the progress of the committee’s research.

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