Going to the Chapel

judyJudy McCombs, Early Language Learning

My first born, Anna Maria, is getting married in August!  For the better part of a year now we have been planning, searching, organizing, book marking everything and anything having to do with weddings.  I want this day to be special, we have a budget.  I am mindful of what we are spending, though there are things I’ve given in to because they make me smile and I think they will make a difference for this beautiful occasion.  Sometimes my head is spinning with giddy excitement and anticipation!

As I was mulling over “wedding stuff” the other day it occurred to me that planning a wedding is very much like planning our next school year! First, we must divorce ourselves from the 2012-2013 school year.  Then we must reflect on what worked this past school year and what didn’t work.  We have to be mindful of our successes and failures so that the next “wedding” (school year) will be better yet.

As you prepare for the 2013-2014 school year during these summer months, I wish that you get to experience many days of “head spinning” excitement and anticipation.  You already know the location (school), the time (school year), and what the main course (language) is going to be.  Have you decided what the APPETIZERS are going to be? (What are you going to serve your students BEFORE you dig in to the textbook?)

Do you have a DJ?  (What music will your students get to listen to that will help them connect with the culture of the language they are learning?)  Will there be dancing?  Do you have a theme lined up for the year?  Ah, and the honeymoon?  Where will the lessons you are planning take your students?  (Hopefully to proficiency levels beyond novice low!)

As we put to rest this year past school year and look forward to the next I wish you summer days of giddy excitement and head spinning anticipation as you do your “wedding” planning.  Why?  Because once teachers lose their excitement about the year to come, they pretty much are setting themselves and their students up for an unhappy “marriage.”

Congratulations! I now pronounce you educator and students!  Here’s to a great new year!


Judy McCombs
Kindergarten Teacher, Columbus Spanish Immersion Academy
ELL Chair

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