Connecting With the Community

Medina High School Chinese Class Booth At The 5th Medina International Fest

Shasha Gibbs, Chinese Teacher, Medina High School

On August 24, Medina had its 5th Medina International Fest.  Students from Medina High School who are taking Mandarin Chinese participated in this event.

Students came over early to help set up the tent and get everything needed for the activities ready.  The tent was decorated with students’ projects to show the community what they have accomplished.  All projects were informational too, which allowed people to have a better idea about Chinese language and culture.  Students were all wearing their Chinese Club shirts to show spirit.  I also brought a few Chinese traditional clothes and had students try them on, which generated a lot of conversations when they were interacting with people.

Although I planned all the activities, students were the ones in charge.  They taught the community how to write Chinese calligraphy, use chopsticks, make Chinese fans and speak some basic Chinese.  They also talked to people about what we do in class, what they have learned about the language and culture, which made many people proud and aware of the Chinese program at Medina High School.

This event provided the students with the opportunity to show the community what they have accomplished in Chinese language and culture learning and also provided the community with the opportunity to know more about Chinese language and culture and the Chinese program at Medina High School.

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