OFLA Scholarships for 2014

Jody Ballah, Assistant Professor of French, University of Cincinnati-Blue Ash
OFLA Scholarship Chair

As you begin the new school and calendar year, be sure you have the deadline marked to apply for one of the OFLA sponsored scholarships for conference attendance and professional development.  This year, OFLA is pleased to offer the following scholarship opportunities:

    • OFLA Conference Scholarships for New Teachers of world languages (20 scholarships in the amount of $250 each)
    • OFLA Conference Scholarships for University Students studying world languages (20 scholarships in the amount of $225 each)
    • Cemanahuac Scholarship for study in Mexico
    • Study Abroad / Immersion Scholarship

Be sure to take advantage of these many opportunities offered by OFLA to help you with professional development at our conference or for an international project you are considering.

The deadline for receipt of application materials is January 15, 2014 for all scholarships.

Application forms and detailed information for each scholarship are available on the OFLA webpage:

Please submit your complete application packages via email or regular mail as follows.

Professor Jody Ballah
Chair, OFLA Scholarships
University of Cincinnati-Blue Ash
9555 Plainfield Road
Cincinnati, OH 45236

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