It’s So Easy!


Julie Frye, Lexington HS/OFLA Membership Chair; OFLA Technology Committee; French Teacher

According to the new by-laws, voted on and accepted by you, the voting members, we have streamlined the process for joining OFLA and/or renewing your membership.

“Membership in the Ohio Foreign Language Association, Inc. (hereafter called Association) shall be two classifications:

(1) Professional Membership.  Any current or former foreign language educator may become a Professional Member of the Association upon payment of the annual dues. Professional members shall have all the rights of membership in the Association, including the right to vote and to hold office.

(2) Student Membership.  Any full-time foreign language graduate or undergraduate student may become a student member upon payment of the annual dues. Student members shall have all the rights of membership in the Association, except for the right to vote and to hold office.  No one may remain a student member who is no longer a full-time student, and in no case may anyone be a student member for more than a total of six years. For the purpose of membership, graduate teaching assistants are defined as full-time students.”

This sets aside the questions that frequently arose in the past as new and former members wondered how to select their membership level. All Professional Members now have a voting voice, whether you are currently in the classroom full-time or retired. I encourage you to continue to be involved! The Joint Professional Membership existed as a way to save postage expenses when we mailed the Cardinal newsletter. Since we are now providing a digital publication, that eliminates the need for the Joint Membership.

As always, you can opt to pay your OFLA annual dues via OEA payroll deductions, use a credit card via our PayPal account, or write a check to Payee: OFLA, and mail it to:

Julie Frye, Membership Chair
344 Green Acre Dr.
Howard, OH 43028

One-year OEA memberships are active 15 January 2014-15 January 2015. Check your member profile at if you are not sure about your membership dates. Spend a few minutes verifying all your info on your profile page while you are there!

If you joined/renewed between 1 September 2013 and the OFLA Annual Conference 2014, and if you chose a 1-year membership, your renewal is due by 1 September 2014. Anyone wishing to renew now will be an active member until 1 September 2015.

As always, if you have questions about membership in general or your personal membership, I am here to help! My contact info is I congratulate you for choosing to be a part of this ground-breaking organization!


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