Ohio Foreign Language Initiative

Reprinted with permission of the Ohio Board of Regents from the Spring/April 2014 issue of News from the Ohio Articulation and Transfer Network

Submitted by Debbie Robinson

Four new Transfer Assurance Guides (TAGs) in foreign language containing 24 Ohio Articulation Numbers (OANs) were announced in mid-April. The sets of learning outcomes in each TAG represent Beginning I and II and Intermediate I and II courses in French, German, Italian, and Spanish. The Foreign Language TAG Definitions and Course Alignment Guides can be found in the Documents section on the initiative website. Also, check out the Resources page for additional information.

Course submissions begin immediately. Courses submitted by October 3 will be included in the fall TAG Review. Institutions are responsible for submitting and getting their appropriate courses approved for the statewide guaranteed courses within two years (fall 2016 review cycle).

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who has participated in the Ohio Foreign Language Initiative to date, including the lead experts, the foreign language faculty writing panel, the faculty members who attended and provided valuable feedback during the Ohio Foreign Language Summit, everyone who participated in the statewide endorsement process, the Ohio Foreign Language Association, and the provosts and chief academic officers for distributing communications and nominating faculty to participate and serve on panels. Faculty, staff, and administrators from all over the University System of Ohio have collaborated extensively on this initiative for the benefit of Ohio’s students.

More info about the Ohio Foreign Language Initiative can be found at:


Updates will be included in subsequent newsletter issues as the Ohio Foreign Language Initiative continues. Questions about the Ohio Foreign Language Initiative may be directed to Hideo Tsuchida at htsuchida@regents.state.oh.us or Michelle Blaney at mblaney@regents.state.oh.us.


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