Board Elections —Would You Like to be a Part of It All?

Teri Wiechart, OFLA Past President

Being on the OFLA board is a wonderful, collegial experience.  It is a Professional Learning Community like no other.

The slate for the February election is nearly complete.  Soon we will be publishing information about each candidate.  Please take the time to read and become informed and then vote.  Voting will be open to every Professional member of the organization.

Elected positions up for this election are:

Executive Vice President–a Presidential Track position, a four year commitment leading to the Presidency of OFLA in year 3

  •   Beth Hanlon
  •   Cheryl Johnson

Executive Treasurer–a 3 year term

  •   Milton Alan Turner
  •   Jonathon Harris

Advocacy and Public Relations–a 3 year term

  •   Parthena Draggett
  •   Debbie Varga

Parliamentarian/By-Laws Chair –a three year term, must be a past OFLA president

  •   Rich Emch
  •   Roz Terek

Also, Martha Castaneda, president elect, has chosen the slate of committee chairs that will serve during her term.  These are 1 year terms.

Beginning Teachers

  •   Leslie Chapman

College, Teacher Education & Licensure

  •   Diane Ceo DiFrancesco


  •   TBD

Early Language Learning

  •   Lori Winne

Secondary Language Learning

  •   Rebecca Shick

Technology & World Languages

  •   Bryan Drost


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