People, People Who Need People…


…Are the luckiest people in the World Language teaching profession

Julie Frye, Lexington High School French, OFLA Membership Chair

Do I have you singing yet? I used to work in another organization that met weekly for professional development, new product introductions and encouragement. One of the most memorable quotes I have taken with me through the years is, “If you had a bad week, you need us. If you had a good week, we need you!”

So, if I may paraphrase and apply it to our profession, “If you are missing COMMUNICATION, CULTURE, CONNECTIONS, COMPARISONS AND COMMUNITIES, you need OFLA! If you have any or all of the above to share, then we most definitely need YOU!”

Take a look throughout this publication. We have a wonderful community of professionals willing to teach and be taught, to get involved, to advocate for World Language programs across the state, to communicate through social media, small groups, regional workshops and our outstanding annual state conference.

As I write this article, we are 1,057 members strong, but there are many World Language professionals missing out on the experience! I believe with your help, we can DOUBLE that number this year. The more we share our successes, the more encouragement we offer non-members to become a part of OFLA. If you know of teachers or professors who have not yet joined the association, please invite them to participate in one of our upcoming events and to experience first-hand what OFLA is all about. Remember, it’s one of two things: either you need us, or we need you!

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