TESOL CONFERENCE set for November


Two Plenary Speakers featured

Lillian Acker, TESOL Liaison, Ashland University

Mark your calendars! The TESOL Academy 2014 is being held at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio June 20-21, 2015. The Ohio TESOL Conference in Conjunction with the Lau Center at The Ohio Department of Education is holding its annual conference November 14 and 15, 2014 at The Columbus Convention Center. We are very excited this year to have two incredible keynote speakers, Bol Aweng, and Dr. Randi Reppen.  Bol Aweng is a local artist whose work tells the story of his life in Southern Sudan, his escape, and subsequent resettlement to Central Ohio. He will share his journey with us, and tell about his efforts establishing a clinic for women and children in his hometown.  Dr. Randi Reppen is a nationally-recognized leader in the field of grammar, corpora, and second language writing from the University of Northern Arizona. Her work in Applied Linguistics and the field of education has yielded a plethora of publications and other resources. Among her many publications is the remarkable Grammar and Beyond series.

This year’s conference includes more than 100 concurrent sessions reflecting a wide range of topics.

With multiple K-12 sites, the intensive English Program at the Ohio State University, and the Delaware ABLE Program, attendees have many options to choose from for site visits on Thursday, November 13th.  Also for the second year, attendees have time to discuss a shared topic of interest with others in the field.  We have kept the numbers in each group small in order to maximize the potential for discussion.

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