Coming Soon: Rubrics to Guide Your IPA and PD Proposals

Lesley Chapman, OFLA Executive Vice President 
Sycamore High School

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! At OFLA we have been working hard to continue supporting the stellar work our World Language colleagues are doing across the state. One of our initiatives in 2017 has been to create a document for teachers who wish to share their materials online with our OFLA colleagues.

In order to ensure that the IPAs (Integrated Performance Assessments) we publish on the OFLA site conform to ACTFL’s guidelines, we have created a rubric for teachers’ use. This rubric has been approved by the OFLA Board, and will soon be available on our website. Teachers who wish to submit an IPA for publication will be asked to send their IPA in together with the completed rubric, after which the Professional Development committee of OFLA will verify that all essential criteria have been checked. The rubric is clear, concise, and includes all parts of the Interpersonal, Presentational, and Interpretive IPA. Our aim is to provide the best materials to our membership, and we hope these rubrics will prove useful to you in your work! Check for the rubric on our site in the coming weeks.

In closing, we would like to thank everyone who takes the time to create and share their innovative IPAs with language teachers throughout the state. It is this spirit of collaboration that makes OFLA one of the best (THE best?) professional organizations for world language teachers in the country. We are doing fantastic work in the area of teaching for proficiency, and we couldn’t do it without everyone’s input!


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