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Dennis Boyd, AATG Ohio Treasurer/AATG Ohio Liaison to OFLA
German Teacher, Brunswick High School


The AATG Ohio Spring meeting was held on Friday, April 6, 2018 at the OFLA Conference in Cleveland. Jeff Moore of Brecksville-Broadview Heights High School was elected 2nd Vice President.


Julie Schonauer, New Philadelphia High School/AATG Ohio President


Werte KollegInnen!

Eure Ohio AATG lädt alle Mitglieder und Interessenten zu einem eintägigen Treffen mit dem Thema Entdeckungsreise deutscher Wurzeln in Ohio im Herbst herzlich ein. Wir möchten euch bitten, den deutsch-amerikanischen Tag am Samstag 6. Oktober 2018 frei zu halten. Wir planen einen ereignisreichen Tag mitten in Amish Country! Wir werden deutsche Einwanderer auf der Spur gehen, durch Besichtigungen und Führungen wichtiger Orte der Geschichte, wie z.B. Zoar, Schönbrunn, und “Behalt”- das Mennoniten Informationszentrum in Berlin. Eine bequeme aber auch günstige Übernachtungsmöglichkeit wird es vor und nach der Tagung in der Nähe geben. Nähere Informationen erfolgen bald.

Im Namen aller Vorstandsmitglieder hoffe ich, viele von euch im Herbst zu begrüßen!

Julie Schonauer
AATG Ohio Präsidentin

Dear Colleagues,

Your Ohio AATG officers are planning an exciting conference this fall in Amish Country! Please plan to join us on German-American Day (Saturday, October 6) for a journey of discovery, as we trace the roots of German immigrants in Ohio. We will tour the pioneer villages of Zoar Schoenbrunn, then head to Berlin for a guided tour of the spectacular cyclorama http://behalt.com/behalt-cyclorama/ created by the late German painter Heinz Gaugel.http://behalt.com/meet-heinz-gaugel/. This ‘painting in the round’ depicts the history of Mennonite and Amish culture from its beginnings in Switzerland to modern times. You will also have the option of a comfortable and reasonably priced overnight stay either before or after the conference. More information to follow shortly!

On behalf of your AATG Ohio officers, I hope to see many of you at our Fall Conference!

Dennis Boyd, Brunswick High School/AATG Ohio Treasurer/AATG Ohio Liaison to OFLA

Office Name Email Term
President Julie Schonauer schonauerj@npschools.org 2016 – 2018
1st Vice President Gene Aufderhaar eaufder@gmail.com 2016 – 2018
2nd Vice President Jeff Moore moorejp@bbhcsd.org 2018 – 2020
Past President Debbie Page deborah.page@uc.edu 2016 – 2017
Treasurer Dennis Boyd dboyd1@gmail.com 2011 –
& Liaison to OFLA 2016 –
Membership chair Mark Himmelein himmelm@mountunion.edu 2012 –
Testing Chairperson Darlene Lyon fraulyon@yahoo.com 2011 –
Webmaster Mark Himmelein himmelm@mountunion.edu ongoing
Listserv moderator Stephanie Libbon slibbon@kent.edu ongoing


Darlene Lyon, Copley-Fairlawn Middle School/AATG Ohio Testing Chairperson

This year’s National German Exam continued with its successful online format with 820 students in 16 schools around Ohio participating. At level 2, 49 students scored in the 90th percentile, at level 3, 29 scored in the 90th percentile, and at level 4, 24 scored in the 90th percentile—an increase over last year! Results were strong for Ohio, thus allowing us to nominate three candidates for the award trip instead of the usual two. Candidates must have scored in the 90th percentile, be 15 years of age by June 1, and have spent less than 2 weeks in a German speaking country to be eligible.

The Ohio nominees this year were: Alison Jennings and Saanvi Ganesh from Dublin Jerome High School, where Frau Engberg is their teacher and Abhi Deverakonda, from Brecksville-Broadview Heights High School, where Frau Burling is her teacher.

The National AATG Office made their final decision and announced that Ohio has two winners of the free three-week study trip to Germany: Abhi Deverakonda from Brecksville-Broadview Heights and Saanvi Ganesh from Dublin Jerome High School.
We congratulate our German teachers and students of German and encourage others to administer the National German Exam and to apply for the trip.

Dennis Boyd, Brunswick High School/AATG Ohio Treasurer/AATG Ohio Liaison to OFLA

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