AATSP Update

Alondra Pacheco, Ohio Buckeye AATSP President 
Spanish Teacher, University School, Hunting Valley

AATSP is proud to announce our keynote speaker for the 104th AATSP Annual Conference: Dr Maria Carreira, Professor Emerita of Spanish, California State University, Long Beach, and founder of The Heritage Language Exchange. Dr. Carreira is widely recognized as the preeminent specialist on heritage language learners. She will address AATSP members in person on Monday, July 11 at the Caribe Hilton, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

This past winter marked the first meeting of the Advocacy Leadership and Governmental Relations Task Force with Co-Chairs Israel Herrera (Indiana University, Bloomington IN) and TJ Troche (Spring Valley High School, Las Vegas NV). The Task Force aims to foster an ongoing network of professionals that collaborate to support, expand, and maintain Portuguese and Spanish programs across the US and abroad. Also, it looks to inform, educate, and become proactive stewards of Spanish and Portuguese programs across the US and abroad to celebrate linguistic and cultural diversity, as well as to establish strong partnerships with organizations and individuals who support the promotion, creation, and implementation of public policy in support of Spanish and Portuguese programs. 

The National Spanish Examinations announced the results of their newly elected representatives to the Leadership Council.  The elementary representative is Andrea A Nazelli; the middle school representative is Mirna Goldberger; the high school representatives are Lindsey McEwen, Rosa M. Bell, Alondra Pacheco, Claudia Adjemian de Kechkian; and the post-secondary representative is Kat Peters.  Congratulations to all!

Albricias, Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica’s student journal, now showcases student created videos on its YouTube channel. The student contributions can be viewed at AATSP’s official channel:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeXpcf1PYDfVB_nSdQMpM0g/videos

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