AATSP Update

Alondra Pacheco, Ohio Buckeye AATSP President 
Spanish Teacher, University School, Hunting Valley

We are delighted to announce that Ryan Casey and Nadine Jacobsen-McLean will serve as National Teach Spanish Week co-chairs of the 2022 event. NTSW aims to promote the teaching of Spanish as a profession and highlight the importance of Spanish as a world language.

The 104th AATSP annual conference will take place in Puerto Rico, and to get everyone excited we hosted a virtual Puerto Rico Trivia night. Over 70 teachers participated, and during the event they tested their knowledge of Puerto Rican culture while competing for amazing prizes.

In partnership with Avant Assessment, AATSP co-hosted a special webinar on gender-inclusive language with a panel of K-16+ educators. Participants were able to share their own experience while listening to the current trends used in various languages.

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