Reinventing Yourself in Times Like These…

Deborah Varga
Spanish Teacher, Revere Local Schools

We are in difficult times in so many ways. We are being pressed on all sides and still we have hope that there is a “light at the end of the tunnel”. Your very presence while choosing to read this article proves that you are intrigued to find ways to be supported while exploring new ways to reach your students and connect with your peers.  

Over the years, I have found that sometimes all that is needed in order to know that you are on the right path is to take a risk and try one new thing at a time. Perhaps a new blog, podcast or resource can provide comfort in learning that others are like-minded in growing professionally.  Through social media, investigating new hashtags can guide us towards making global connections and collaborations. 

The vast amount of opportunities for professional growth ensures lifelong learning, even if you are late in your career (28 years for myself this year!).  The ColorNote app has been my best friend for curating resources on-the-go.  

We are so fortunate in Ohio to have a strong presence for professional development, that many times colleagues in other subject areas are surprised at the excitement World Language educators have for professional development opportunities.  Attending tech conferences for all subject areas also provides valuable insight into new perspectives for cross-curricular course design.  

Most importantly, finding solace in that you are not alone for wanting to learn about best practices, and that it is okay to “fail forward” in an effort to provide what is best for your students, may be the best path to reinvention of all.

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