Ask Not What OFLA Can Do for You…

Ask what you can do for OFLA!  

Maria Herman, OFLA Membership Chair
German Teacher, Maumee City Schools

I’m sure we’re all familiar with the quote from John F. Kennedy that is paraphrased above, but are you aware that OFLA is run entirely by volunteers?  That’s right!  Many people think that OFLA has paid staff members.  However, everyone who works with OFLA to support other world language teachers is also a world language teacher, just like you!  

We are all here to help you be the best world language teacher you can be.  However, as teachers, we all know how much time all these tasks take.  If you feel like the OFLA volunteers feel – that helping others to become better world language teachers is an important mission – then join us!  You can serve on the membership committee, or you can help with early childhood, technology, or professional development committees – just about anything.  If you can think of it and are good at it, you can help with it!  Volunteering to help others can be a truly rewarding experience.  

If you’d like to help out with any of these committees, please come attend the joint OFLA/CSCTFL conference and ask how you can help support us all as world language teachers!

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