…and treat yourself to a membership upgrade: consider becoming a lifetime member of OFLA!

Maria Herman, OFLA Membership Chair
German Teacher, Maumee City Schools

Everyone enjoys OFLA conferences. They are a great way to meet people, network, connect to other teachers and share great ideas.  It is a time to unwind a bit and find support, too!

I personally have learned so much about teaching and have improved my teaching skills from the many OFLA conferences I have attended.

Each and every time I attend a conference, I am also lucky enough to rub elbows with some fantastic presenters, some of whom may be retired teachers who just want to share their wealth of knowledge.  And, when I started thinking about my membership and participation in OFLA, I realized the many benefits that being an OFLA lifetime member would have. 

So, I did the math and realized that I have at least 10 more years of teaching before I retire…so 10 years of teaching x $55 per year is $550!  I realized the money that I would save by upgrading my membership to a lifetime one.  I also realized that when the day comes and I’m the retired teacher, I will probably still enjoy attending conferences now and then.  So, the benefits I’ll have as a lifetime OFLA member will continue into my retirement as well!

Think about the benefits of your membership, do the math, and consider upgrading your membership today! 😀

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