Le Grand Contours 2013

The Results

Judy Bates

Almost 3600 students from around Ohio participated in Le Grand Concours this past year, an increase of 130 participants over the preceding year.  This number includes 52 FLES students from two schools.  Altogether, there was participation from 56 schools and 81 teachers from all corners of the state.

Of those 3600 participants, there were 429 national medalists, including 10 gold, 47 silver, and 360 bronze.  All of these medalists scored in the top ten ranks nationally so congratulations are in order for all of them.  Our gold medalists came from the following schools:  Cincinnati Country Day School (2), Granville Middle School, Laurel School, Saint Peter’s School, Shaker Heights High School, The Seven Hills School (2), Walnut Hills High School, and Western Reserve Academy.  We are so proud of these schools, their teachers, and especially the students who ranked #1 nationally in order to win a gold medal.

In addition to the medalists, another thousand of our French students received certificates of recognition from National.  Ohio Chapter prizes were also awarded to almost five hundred participants and it was truly a pleasure to see so many of our students win awards.

Information on the 2014 French Contest is available on the Ohio chapter AATF web site and the national AATF web site.  You can also contact Judy Bates, our Ohio French Contest Administrator, at jlbates301@aol.com .  Hopefully we will have as many and maybe even more participants in the coming year, and of course, we are equally optimistic that many of our students will score well once again.  Dates for le Grand Concours 2014 are:  FLES February 14 – 28, and Secondary February 23 – March 22.

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