Do You Want to be More Involved in OFLA?

Editing The Cardinal could be the way!

Beth HBeth Hanlon, Spanish Teacher, Wellington High School
Executive Recorder and Editor for Print Publications

In the previous edition of The Cardinal, I wrote an article to describe the process involved in preparing The Cardinal to get it out to the OFLA membership.  I mentioned the editing team from the OFLA Executive Board that helps me to go through each article for all editions.

We are thinking of revamping this editing team and asking our OFLA members if there is anyone out there who would like to be on this team!  This would be a great way to become more involved in your professional organization!

We publish The Cardinal three times a year: fall, winter and spring/summer.  All articles come to me and I place them in Google Docs.  Once they are all collected, I email a link to a Google Doc to the editors.  They comment within the documents when they find a grammatical error, formatting error, etc., and I make the corrections.  Once we are all done going through the articles, I begin placing them in WordPress.  Once placed, the editors again take another look to ensure the articles have been placed correctly.

You do not need to be tech savvy (no knowledge of Google Docs or WordPress required) or have editing experience in order to be part of the editing team.  You just need time to proofread articles three times a year!

If you would like more information or are interested, please contact me at by July 15, 2014.

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