Secondary Language Learning Committee

 Good-bye and Hello!

Debbie McCorkle, French Teacher, Unioto High School, OFLA Secondary Language Learning Committee Chair

I say good-bye to the OFLA Board and I do so with a sense of satisfaction, not sadness.  With the support of the board members and the hard work of my committee members, the Secondary Language Learning Committee (SLL) has accomplished much during my tenure. We have created the College Guide Survey which enables high school teachers to advise their students about the study of World Languages at the college/university level. See and we have developed the OFLA Teacher Evaluation Tool so that administrators know what a World Language classroom should look like. See

I greet Becky Shick, who will be the new chair of SLL. As a former member of the SLL, Becky is a perfect fit for the new position. I wish her good luck as chair and look forward to what she and her committee will do for our membership! Bonne chance, Becky!



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1 Response to Secondary Language Learning Committee

  1. Mary Townsend says:

    Great working with you and I hope to see you around at conferences! I will be sharing the Teacher Evaluation Tool with my principal and department members. Good work! – Mary Townsend

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