Technology Integration


Dr. Bryan R. Drost, Shaker Heights High School, OFLA Technology Integration Chair

This has been quite a year for the Tech Team! Back in August, three goals were set: (1) updating the policies and procedures for the OFLA ListServ; (2) creating model Integrated Performance Assessments (IPAs) supported by various technology tools in a variety of languages and themes; and (3) holding regional workshops to help support teachers with IPAs.

(1) Please see the updated OFLA policies and procedures found at I’d like to remind OFLA members that joining OFLA does not automatically result in being subscribed to the listserv (they are two separate entities as non-members are permitted to receive listserv messages).  If you would like to adjust your listserv subscription at any time (subscribe, unsubscribe, digest-version, etc.), please follow the instructions at

In addition, congratulations to Bob White on his retirement, one of our Listserv moderators.

Last, the board and I are still exploring other hosts for the listserv service so that our members can access additional tools. More information will be released sometime before the end of the calendar year.

(2) The Tech Team’s initial plan was to release 8 IPAs; however, with all of the positive feedback received both throughout the state and country, we challenged ourselves to release another round. Our 15th and final IPA for this school year was released during the week of May 25. Check out all of the resources at

(3) Two more workshops will be held during this summer.  These workshops are a part of the Central States Extension Workshop and will focus on using technology to increase students’ proficiency in the target language.  One workshop will be held in the Cleveland area (August 15) and one will be in Columbus (June 27).  Please check out the OFLA Memberlodge for registration information:

If you cannot attend these regional workshops, we are hoping to see you at the Central States Conference next March.  Please check out the video for the conference, created by OFLA Tech Committee Member Gabriela Linik, at

Throughout the course of this school year, I have been both humbled and encouraged as I’ve worked with so many outstanding educators across the state on our communicative shifts (including my special “15”).  Ohio is definitely at the forefront of excellent proficiency-based teaching. Keep up the excellent work!

The Tech Team sends its best to you during this summer vacation.  We hope that you find time to relax, are able to renew your commitment to communicative proficiency, and are focused on rejuvenation. As always, if the OFLA Tech Team can support you with a tech tool or a particular IPA theme that you need an example of, feel free to send us a message at


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