Camp OFLA 2015

campofla3campofla4campofla5campofla6campofla2Campofla1Camp OFLA 2015

French (F) German (G) Japanese (J) Spanish (S)

Lori Winne

Chair, Early Language Learning (ELL) Committee, OFLA

Monday, June 15, 2015


Hoppers to hall 2


Flag Raising





Camp mtg.


Clean cabin


Language lesson



Craft (S/F)

Song & Dance (G/J)


Hoppers to hall 3




Rest & Change into swimsuits


Language lessons




Change out of swimsuits


Hike (F/J)

Craft (G)

Song & Dance (S)


Hoppers to hall 4




To cabins – prepare for evening


Around the World Trivia


Int’l Playground games


Snack Time

Flag – CITs


Bank – Exchange Camp OFLA dollars


Return to cabin


Lights out

The first day at Camp OFLA 2015. Busy! Full of language, camp activity, and rain! Tuesday – rain! Wednesday – rain! Thursday – rain! Friday – rain! Saturday – rain! But that didn’t stop the outdoor language lessons, the swimming, hiking and campfires! In eleven years of Camp OFLA, this was the worst weather experience. But while camper and counselor surveys listed better weather, drier floors and Febreeze as their suggestions for Camp OFLA 2016, 100% of the first-time and returning campers enjoyed their camp experience. Most could not describe their least favorite activity for the week. Many listed “everything” as their favorite activity. The treasure hunt was a particular favorite where solving clues required the teamwork of all four languages! The treasure hunt was held this year on the last night when parents were invited to join in on the fun (and a couple of the parents thought the clues were too hard!).

Camp OFLA 2015 offered two levels of language learning – a Novice level and a Novice Mid for repeating campers or campers who had had either heritage language experience or the same language in an elementary school program or were returning campers. The Novice Mid campers were able to read a Carol Gaab book, Brandon Wants a Dog in either Spanish or in German. French, German, Japanese and Spanish classes all included Novice level campers. The daily schedule included two language class sessions – 1 ½ hours in the morning and 1 ½ in the afternoon. Each evening a different language group shares a game, craft, or presentation from their culture and then share the treat that their groups made earlier that day. Linzer cookies, homemade salsa, rice in a bag, and chocolate treats were rated high amongst the campers, H.S. counselors and teachers.

Look for new activities in 2016. Scholarships will be offered again. As more high schools encourage community service projects, H.S. language clubs have begun to sponsor their own scholarships. One of the H.S. German counselors gave up his stipend for the week and donated the money to the 2016 scholarship fund. Camp 2016 will offer two levels again in French, German, Japanese and Spanish. H.S. counselors will have a chance to apply earlier so that they can participate in training and more conversational practice before the June camp. Watch Camp OFLA 2016 on and LIKE US on Facebook. Spread the word!

The more campers, the more CITs (counselors in training), the more H.S. counselors, and ultimately the more teachers involved in this fun and educational language and cultural experience! In the words of a first time Japanese camper “ Do Japanese again – if you don’t I will be very, very, very, very (16x) mad!

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1 Response to Camp OFLA 2015

  1. Ryan Wertz - Lead Consultant for World Languages, ODE says:

    Thank you, Camp OFLA organizers and staffers, for continuing to provide Ohio language learners with a high quality and very fun summer language-learning experience. Your hard work does not go unnoticed!!

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