AU SECOURS! Translation: HELP!

Julie Frye, OFLA Membership Chair

Lexington High School French Teacher

This may be repetitive, and I seem to make a similar plea each year in September and January, and maybe even a third time as the annual OFLA Conference approaches!

If you are reading this article, that means your member profile is current and includes a VALID email address. As I have been updating our membership roster, especially those members who are using the OEA payroll deduction method, I am finding so many of our colleagues whose email addresses are not correct. This means that any communication we send out to the Membership (you!) is not making it to all of our members. Some teachers are missing announcements from our Professional Development team, are unaware of Board openings and nominations, don’t have access to scholarship applications, are not receiving this newsletter, The Cardinal, and will not know when registration opens for the 2018 OFLA Conference in Cleveland, because every email we send gets returned as ‘unable to deliver.”

My request to you is this: If you have colleagues in your Ohio school or district, or if you have friends and family in other Ohio schools and districts, PLEASE ask them if they are OFLA members and if they are receiving the latest information from OFLA. If they are members but have not been receiving The Cardinal or other communications from us, they simply need to open their membership profile at the OFLA membership site and verify that all their contact information is current. Easy peasy! If they are not yet members, I hope you will encourage them to join for the nominal annual dues.

Registration for the 2018 OFLA Annual Conference (April 5-7, Cleveland Marriott, Key Center) will be opening in just days! We don’t want any of our members to miss out on the early-bird pricing and the best choice of workshops offered in addition to the regularly scheduled sessions.

Thanks so much for your assistance with this matter!

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