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The OFLA Membership Year

Julie Frye, OFLA Membership Chair French Teacher, Lexington High School  This is a reminder to those of you who join/renew by means other than the OEA payroll deduction plan. You may have recently joined and/or renewed your OFLA Membership for … Continue reading

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The Twelve Months of Membership

Julie Frye, Membership Chair Lexington High School French teacher *I am enrolled in OFLA via OEA, and so my OFLA dues are automatically deducted from my paycheck. The renewal date for OFLA members who choose this option is 15 January annually. … Continue reading

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Why OFLA Is Worth It!

  Milton Alan Turner, Executive Treasurer/Executive Vice President, Saint Ignatius High School At a cost of only about $4 a month, OFLA membership is a great bargain. Being a member of OFLA allows you to keep informed about changes in … Continue reading

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TAKING ADVANTAGE OF MEMBERSHIP, Are you making the most of your membership?

Julie Frye, Lexington High School; OFLA Membership Chair OFLA membership has many perks, just one of which being the fabulous professional development offerings throughout the year! OFLA offers local half- and full-day workshops, multi-session events that include the possibility of … Continue reading

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Fostering Connections – CHECK! Empowering Communities – CHECK! Celebrating the World – CHECK!

Your OFLA membership does all this and more! Julie Frye, Lexington High School/OFLA Membership Chair As the OFLA Executive Board and Committee members prepare for our joint OFLA/CSCTFL annual conference, I invite you to confirm and/or update all of the … Continue reading

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CH-CH-CH-CHANGES They happen all the time! Julie Frye, Lexington High School Membership Chair Happy New Year to one and all. I have been spending some holiday time renewing memberships and updating the OFLA contact/member roster. And, as many of you … Continue reading

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Dear Foreign Language Colleague, Well we’ve done it again! We’ve organized our classrooms, gone through files for the beginning week, arranged our own desks, tried to look ahead and get everything done that we have no time for once that first … Continue reading

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