Technology Integration

OFLA Technology & World Languages Committee 

Theresa Minick, Chair 

A new school year! The OFLA Technology & World Languages Committee has already begun to organize itself.  We are using a Google Doc to identify various technologies that we plan to share with members during this academic year.  As we identify these technology tools, we are reflecting on how we can use these tools to help our students improve their ability to communicate in the target language.  We know that students need lots of practice using the target language in meaningful ways.  However, how do we assess student work so they receive the feedback they need to improve while at the same time making that assessment process manageable for teachers?  We hope to share some ideas in our technology postings.

The OFLA Technology & World Languages Committee was notified that our two workshop proposals for the Central States / OFLA Conference were accepted:  (1)  Web 2.OH! –Tools to Build MultiSkills and Make MultiConnections and (2) MultiMobile Apps to Bridge Language Gaps! Perhaps one of those workshops will interest you. And, of course, there will be many other sessions about technology so be sure to mark your calendars for March 14-16.

Watch for our postings on the listserv.  We hope they serve you in meeting your goals in the teaching and learning of world languages.

Perhaps you would like to join us this year!  We will be sending an email to the listserv to see if any of you would like to become a member of the OFLA Technology & Worlds Languages Committee.   THINK ABOUT BECOMING A PART OF THE OFLA TECH TEAM!

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