Will YOU Be Part of OFLA’s Leadership?

 Carol Eiber, Immediate Past President

We are all so proud that our Ohio Foreign Language Association is a strong and respected organization.  It became what it is because of the consistent quality leadership over the years.  Now, in the fall, is when we plan for future board membership by slating candidates for election early in 2013.

Look into your heart.  Is this the year you will step up and volunteer?  Every year we elect a vice-president who moves up first to president-elect and next to president, and then serves one more year on the board as immediate past president.  This year we will also vote on two other positions:  an editor for print publications (the Cardinal) and recorder as well as a membership chair.  We do have several good people who have already volunteered to run for office but we need to know your interests for the future.  Even if the position is not to be voted upon this year, the people in the offices can always use help.  The positions are not paid but the rewards are in being part of a team of enthusiastic, knowledgeable educators from around the state.  Please read the brief job descriptions below and let me know your interests so we can discuss possibilities.

Duties of elected offices

All officers attend regular board meetings in Columbus; they present a session at the conference and work at various sites during the conference.  Board members write articles for the Cardinal and post timely notices on the listserv, Facebook or Twitter.

The president plans and holds the regular board meetings, organizes the annual conference, and communicates with the membership and the board on a regular basis.  This is a four-year term.  Previous board experience is preferred.

The editor for print publications and recorder takes the minutes at the board meetings and annual business meeting and edits the issues of the Cardinal, now in electronic format.   This is a three-year term.

The membership chair keeps an accurate list of members on the organization’s database, sends invoices, and works closely with both the treasurer regarding membership payments and with the Meeting Connection regarding conference registrations.   The candidate should have technology skills and willingness to learn the database system.

In future years we will need candidates for the following positions.  They are all elected for three-year terms.

The editor for electronic media maintains the OFLA website; technology expertise and experience is required.

The professional development chair coordinates regional meetings and workshops and handles registration through the database.

The public relations and advocacy chair disseminates pertinent information about advocacy and monitors policies affecting foreign language education.  This chair also coordinates the hospitality table at the annual conference.

The treasurer keeps the financial records of the organization, writes checks, and works closely with the membership chair.  This person needs to possess technology and bookkeeping skills as well as an aptitude for numbers.

The parliamentarian and by-laws chair, as expert in procedures, must be a past president.   This officer oversees by-law and policy changes when necessary and serves as parliamentarian.

Are you ready to work for the organization that has served Ohio for over 50 years?  Please let me know where your experience lies and how you would like to serve OFLA in the future!  I’ll be watching for your reply at pastpres@ofla-online.org.

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