Early Education Learning

Change….Bring It On!

judyJudy McCombs, Early Language Learning Chair, Columbus City Schools

The craziness of the start of a new school year has finally begun to simmer down.  Fall has arrived. Another change.  How many of you have experienced one, two or even three changes at the start of the new school year?

At our building we got a new music teacher, a new gym teacher and a new math coach! We lost 3 teachers, too.  Additionally, our program changed.  We went from being a K-8 Spanish immersion program to becoming a K-6 Spanish immersion program.  The biggest change of all however, was the appointment of a new principal!

One thing for sure in the life of all educators is that we sigh at changes, things that are new, (sometimes it’s the old with a new name!) but yet we pull up our “pull-ups” and away we go!  No time to grieve or wonder why.  The decisions made by our central offices will sometimes baffles us but nonetheless, Change?  Bring it on!

As the 2013-2014 continues to unfold I wish each and every one of you success with change because……

When You Change Your Thinking,
You Change Your Beliefs…! !
When You Change Your Beliefs,
You Change Your Expectations…! !
When You Change Your Expectations,
You Change Your Attitude…! !
When Change Your Attitude,
You Change Your Behaviour…! !
When You Change Your Behaviour,
You Change Your Performance…! !
When You Change Your Performance,
You Change Your Life.

By:  Ashish Gutgutia

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