Ohio Classical Conference Update

SLO Workshop & Annual Meeting

K.C. Kless,  OCC Affiliate
Latin Teacher, Indian Hill Middle School

Latin teachers from around the state gathered on Saturday, September 21, at Granville High School to learn about and develop Student Learning Objectives. Sherwin Little of the American Classical League joined me in leading the learning at this workshop sponsored by the Ohio Classical Conference. Teachers collaborated, debated, discussed and ended the day with good work done. Thanks to all attendees for a successful workshop!

In addition, the Ohio Classical Conference’s annual meeting will be on Friday & Saturday, October 4 & 5, on the campus of Ohio University in Athens. OCC President Jim Andrews has put together a fine program, which is available on the OCC website, ohioclassicalconference.org. Topics will include new views on ancient poetry, technology tools in the classroom and featured undergraduate research. Also, a special new edition of Humanitas, the newsletter of the OCC, is available on the website.

Important upcoming contest dates from the National Junior Classical League:
October 15th: National Classical Etymology Exam registration ends
November 1st: National Roman Civilization Exam registration opens

Upcoming Classics events in Ohio:
October 8th: Lecture at Cincinnati Art Museum: “Foreign Faces: Africans and Others in Ancient Roman Art”, Dr. Sinclair Bell, Northern Illinois University, sponsored by the Cincinnati Society of Archaeological Institute of America
October 10th: Miller Lecture in Classics: “Performing Greek Drama: What It Can Teach Us,” Dr. Amy Cohen, Randolph College at John Carroll University
November 23rd: City Dionysia at John Carroll University

Both Cincinnati and Cleveland Certamen dates are available at the Ohio Junior Classical League website, ojcl.org

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