The Benefits of Membership

JulieJulie Frye, Lexington High School/Membership Chair

If you are reading this issue of the Cardinal, you are one of our valued active members, and we thank you! You understand the benefits of belonging to the Ohio Foreign Language Association. Almost 300 of you have attended the Understanding Proficiency and IPAs workshops offered around the state these past two months. Congratulations on being at the forefront of the changes being implemented in our field of expertise.

Since I became your Membership Chair several months ago, OFLA has welcomed over 100 first-time members who have taken advantage of the offerings by our Professional Development committee.  If you renewed or joined OFLA during the summer months, you also reaped the added benefit of paying for 12 months and getting 13-14 months of membership!

Now we need your help in spreading the word. Members who have not yet renewed and/or new teachers who are reticent to spend the $45 Professional Membership annual dues do not receive the Cardinal and may miss opportunities such as professional development, camaraderie, help with lesson ideas, advocacy suggestions – to name just a few!

Because our membership year runs from 1 September-1 September, the longer our colleagues wait to join/renew, the less time they have to share in the benefits offered throughout the year. Consider this: your annual dues are costing you less than $4.00/month! But, if you wait to join/renew in March or April in order to attend the annual state conference, you will pay the same $45 dues, and then will have to renew again just months later! That brings the monthly breakdown closer to $10. I encourage you to share that financial tip with World Language teachers in your buildings and districts. It just makes more sense to join NOW.

Many of you have chosen to enroll through OEA. Your dates of active membership are 15 January-15 January, so you have time to double-check the paperwork on file with your building reps and make sure you have OFLA membership included.

Again, thank you to our loyal active members. You are the driving force behind OFLA, and we can only be as strong as our membership. Spread the word, share the benefits and invite any World Language teachers you know to take advantage. Have a great school year and make plans NOW to attend the annual conference at the Polaris Hilton in April 2014.

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