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Le Grand Concours

Pascale Abadie, AATF-OH President

See Judy Bates’s article in this newsletter for information on how to sign up for this year’s contest.

Judy Bates, our  Ohio French Contest Administrator “extraordinaire” is ready to retire after many years of doing an amazing job for le Grand Concours. Without her Le grand Concours would not be in such a good shape today! We are all very sad to see her go but understand her decision. We are looking for her replacement, and Judy offered to help the new person a part of next year. Judy will then leave the next year 2014-2015. If you are interested in filling this position or know someone who will be interested please send their name or yours.

Here is a brief description of the position.  The Ohio French Contest Administrator will:

1.  Communicate with French teachers throughout the state of Ohio, via e-mail, on subjects concerning le Grand Concours  (mass e-mail; OFLA ListServ; chapter web site).

2.  Communicate with the national director of le Grand Concours, via e-mail.

3.  Serve as a liaison between AATF National and Ohio teachers on all matters concerning the Contest.

4.  Inform French teachers in Ohio of rules and regulations concerning the administration of le Grand Concours, mostly via e-mail.

5.  Collect fees from participating teachers for administration of le Grand Concours.

6.  Place orders and send in required fees to National AATF, le Grand Concours.

7.  Receive tests from the national director and re-ship them to participating teachers.

8.  Be available to answer questions and solve problems encountered during the administration of tests.

9.  Receive results of the tests, via e-mail, from National and communicate this information to teachers.

10. Organize chapter prizes as desired.

11. Receive prizes from National and send them to individual teachers along with chapter prizes.

12. Encourage teachers to send in photos of winners to National for publication.

The months of January, February, April, and early May are quite busy for the Contest Administrator.  The first two months are busy with collecting funds, sending in orders, and then receiving and distributing tests.  April and May are busy with receiving results of the contest, sending this information on to participating teachers, and then sending out prizes.  During September through December, it is important to communicate information at least once a month, and to answer questions, but this is not a busy time.  By late May and during the Summer, there might be a few things to wind up, but again this is not a busy time.

Immersion Weekend 2014

Lucas Hoffman, AATF-OH Vice-President

Are you interested in joining us for the 2014 Immersion Weekend?

AATF-OH Immersion Weekend/September 19-21, 2014/Mohican State Park
$30/night/person/single bed  OR
$15/night/person/pull out bed

You can also just come Saturday for a nominal $5 fee.

Save your spot now, since we have already received reservations to fill a couple cabins for next year!

Make your check payable to Ohio Chapter AATF.  Mail to: Kathy Lewton, 3030 Medina Line Rd, Norton, Ohio  44203.

Any questions?  Email our secretary Kathy Lewton  MADAMELEWTON@earthlink.net.

French Film Club Selection: Intouchables

Lucas Hoffman, AATF-OH Vice-President

AATF-Ohio has selected the film Intouchables to discuss at the 2014 OFLA conference. Strategies and activities for in-class use will be shared, following a viewing of short clips.

Titre: Intouchables
Réalisateurs: Olivier Nakeche, Eric Toledano
Année: 2011

Où regarder?: http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/The_Intouchables/70232180?locale=en-US ou http://www.amazon.com/The-Intouchables-Fran%C3%A7ois-Cluzet/dp/B0087IT8FK

AATF 2014 Conference

Lucas Hoffman, AATF-OH Vice-President

The National AATF conference will be held July 19-22, 2014 in New Orleans.  Consider joining us.  Find more information here: http://www.frenchteachers.org/convention/

Keep connected at http://aatfohio.wordpress.com/

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