Ohio Classical Conference Update

Annual Meeting Summary, Congratulations, and A Look Ahead

K.C. Kless,  OCC Affiliate
Latin Teacher, Indian Hill Middle School

The Ohio Classical Conference’s annual meeting was held on Friday & Saturday, October 4th & 5th, on the campus of Ohio University in Athens. Highlights of the program, put together by OCC President Jim Andrews, included a performance of Mary Zimmerman’s Metamorphoses and follow-up discussion with Director Rebecca verNoy, as well as a showcase of a team-taught distance learning course offered through both Ohio University and Miami University. Thanks to all for an excellent conference. The next annual meeting of the OCC will be in October 2014, with details to come through the OCC website, http://ohioclassicalconference.org/

Congratulations are due to Mary Jo Behrensmeyer, Latin teacher at Mt. Vernon High School, who recently received the American Philological Association’s Pre-Collegiate Excellence in Teaching Award. She is a former president of the OCC and currently serves as Secretary/Treasurer for the organization. More information regarding her award can be found here: http://apaclassics.org/awards-and-fellowships/2013/behrensmeyer-precollegiate-citation

Important upcoming registration dates:

January 15: registration deadline for the National Mythology Exam
January 21: postmark deadline for National Latin Exam registration
February 1: regular registration deadline for the National Roman Civilization Exam
March 1: registration deadline for the Exploratory Latin Exam

Upcoming Classics events in Ohio:

March 7-9: Ohio Junior Classical League Convention, Columbus, Ohio
Both Cincinnati and Cleveland Certamen dates are available at the Ohio Junior Classical League website, ojcl.org

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