Technology Integration

OFLA Technology Integration

DrostDr. Bryan R. Drost, Shaker Heights High School, OFLA Technology Integration Chair

A huge thank you to everyone who attended the two technology integration workshops we had at the end of summer.   I know that all of our presenters had a great time sharing the various tools we use in our classrooms to help promote student acquisition of language.

The Tech Integration Committee has three basic goals this year:

1)    Develop Integrated Performance Assessments (IPA) based on the themes of the Ohio model curriculum supported by technology;

2)    Hold several interactive regional workshops that focus on how technology can be used to support IPAs; and

3)    Update policies and procedures for the OFLA listserv

We are hard at work meeting goal #1. Hopefully, you saw our postings on the OFLA listserv for Beauty and Aesthetics, Contemporary Life, and Personal and Public Identities and are able to use at least a part of it in your classroom. Additional examples aligned to different themes, languages, and levels will be forthcoming, one, approximately every two weeks.  Go to to check these resources out.

Please consider attending our late Fall Regional Technology Workshop on November 15. Registration can be completed via the OFLA Memberlodge.

Lastly, a huge shout-out goes to my fellow listserv moderators: Mr. Bob White and Mrs. Theresa Minick.  Their consistent dedication and behind-the-scenes technical support ensures that the OFLA listserv runs smoothly and that our members receive information in as timely a manner as possible.

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