A Message from the OFLA Technology Integration Chair

Dr. Bryan R. Drost, Firelands Local Schools, OFLA Technology Integration Chair

I cannot believe that we are just about halfway through the school year–it is flying fast! As mentioned in the previous column, the Tech Team has five goals this year. Below, please find our progress, related to these initiatives.

(1) The team has been tweeting two-to-three times a week with tech tips that will help support your students with proficiency goals. Please follow us at OFLATech on Twitter to learn more about proficiency-based instruction, technology, the modes of communication, and good teaching!

(2) By the end of the first semester, the team will have created 15 tech-based activities aligned to the modes of communication to help support teachers working on proficiency-based instruction. Check out the livebinder at http://tinyurl.com/oflalessons to see the lessons. More information on this goal will be coming to the listserv soon.

(3) Our PD restructure for technology has been successful. We have offered one novice level workshop and one intermediate workshop. At the CSCTFL we will be offering one more intermediate workshop and an online advanced level sometime soon.

Please check out the OFLA Memberlodge to register for our various offerings at http://ofla.memberlodge.org.

(4) The Board has been exploring a transition to a new listserv platform to support the needs of our subscribers. An ad hoc committee was recently established to determine next steps. More information will be coming to listserv subscribers over the next few months.

(5) We are exploring a way to integrate all of the various member tools we have to create a one-stop OFLA shop.

As a reminder, your OFLA Listserv subscription is separate from your OFLA membership. We have been receiving a number of questions regarding this issue as well as posts that have been requiring “rejection” as they do not fit the acceptable use guidelines. To change your settings and to review acceptable post guidelines, please check out http://tinyurl.com/ofla-listserv.

We wish you the very best as you return to your classrooms during the second semester. Please let us know how we can support you. We hope everyone had a Merry Clix-mas and a fabulous Google-Year!

Bryan Drost

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