AATG/PAD Study Trip Awards

The Ohio chapter is proud to announce that two high school students in Ohio received a prestigious AATG/PAD Study. Ohio was able to nominate 3 students of the 17 who applied for this award. Both students won the Study Trip Award I students (non-seniors), and received round-trip air transportation to Germany, lived in a home, attended classes at a Gymnasium, and participated in excursions to places of cultural and historical significance. The students were Hunter Lausche and Michael Zeng. Congratulations to them and their teachers!

Fall Conference

The Ohio AATG will be holding its fall conference and meeting November 4-5, 2016 at the Hyatt Place Worthington in Columbus. The Friday events will include a presentation by award-winning author Gerhard Maroscher on his book Why Can’t Somebody Just Die Around Here? In addition, we will have a Freebie-Markt of items for taking or trading. The evening will include a communal dinner at a near-by restaurant. On Saturday, Maria Herman (Maumee High School) will present German IPAs: No this isn’t about beer… She will provide an explanation of the Integrated Performance Assessment, with descriptions of proficiency vs. performance and review the four skill areas in the three modes. Bring a laptop, a unit that contains activities you are familiar with/related to a particular theme, and the traditional assessment for that unit. You will learn to re-design the activities into an IPA-style format. We will also have a chapter meeting, talk about future plans and needs, discuss the budget, and hold elections for a Second Vice President/Secretary and an OFLA Liaison.

Thinking of coming? You can register now or at the door, and if you are a first time attendee, your registration is free, but you will need to join AATG. If you are a student, both registration and your first year’s AATG membership will be covered by the chapter! Please watch the OFLA Listserv for additional information and a registration form.

AATG Chapter Officers

The current officers are:

President Debbie Page (through 11/2016, when she will become Immediate Past President, an advisory position)

First VP Julie Schonauer (through 11/2016, when she will become President)

Second VP/Secretary Gene Aufderhaar (through 11/2016, when he will become First VP)

Treasurer Dennis Boyd (ongoing, confirmed yearly)

Testing Chair: Darlene Lyon (ongoing, confirmed yearly)

Webmaster/Membership Mark Himmelein (ongoing, confirmed yearly)

Listserv Moderator Stephanie Libbon (ongoing, confirmed yearly)

OFLA Liaison Debbie Page (through 11/2016, advisory)

The chapter will hold elections for a new Second Vice President/Secretary and an OFLA Liaison at its November meeting. Please contact Debbie Page (Deborah.page@uc.edu) if you might be interested in one of these positions.

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