The Future of World Language Education

Denise Broda, OFLA Scholarship Chair
Spanish Teacher, Wooster High School

I had the pleasure of getting to meet this year’s conference scholarship winners in April at our annual conference, and that experience left me feeling very optimistic about the future of our profession. This year’s winners were responsible, professional, and enthusiastic about attending workshops and sessions and networking with colleagues. When I saw dedicated young people multitasking while they studied or writing papers at the same time as they worked at the hospitality desk, I knew that they were well-suited to be educators, because multitasking is what we do every day. I am proud to introduce those young professionals:

University Student Winners

Michael Campbell, Ohio State University

Kieron Cindric, Ohio State University

Yue Hui, Ohio State University

Mark Kolat, Ohio State University

Shannon Perry, Ohio State University

Kathryn Rosenberg, Ohio State University

Gabriela Ruiz Nieto, Ohio State University

Lauren Racela, Miami University

Emily Rees, Miami University

Vanessa Rivas Gonzalez, Miami University

Sarah Anderson, Ohio University

Molly Closson, Bowling Green State University

Arwa Elabad, Bowling Green State University

Haylee Holbrook, Bowling Green State University

Larissa Cargal, The College of Wooster

New Teacher Winners

Kate Gladieux, Timberston Junior High, Toledo

Gail Burhardt Seay, Marysville Early College HS

Hanna Schneider, Dover/Holly Lane Elementary

Study Abroad / Immersion Winner

Staley Heiby, Grove City High School

German American Partnership Program, Goethe Institute

Several of this year´s scholarship recipients were also session co-presenters, including the following:

Quechua for Everybody – Including You and Your Students! Mark Kolat, OSU (co-presenter)

Voilà! ¡Vale! Let Them Talk!! Contextualizing Vocabulary in 10 minutes. Haylee Holbrook, BGSU (co-presenter)

From the End to the Beginning Units. Lauren Racela and Vanessa Rivas, Miami University (co-presenters)

Hier Ist! Vale! Let Them Talk!! Contextualizing Grammar in 10 minutes . Molly Closson BGSU (co-presenter)

We have an impressive group of young world language educators in Ohio, and I am optimistic about the future of our profession. I encourage all new teachers and university students to apply for conference scholarships for the Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages in Columbus next spring.

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