The Cardinal Editing Team is looking for additional editors

Beth Hanlon, Executive Recorder and Editor of The Cardinal
Spanish Teacher, Oberlin High School

The articles that appear in OFLA’s newsletter, The Cardinal, are read by The Cardinal’s editing team.  This is a dedicated group of world language teachers that combs through each article to make any corrections needed in grammar, spelling, and general message.  We accept articles from OFLA members that are a thousand words or less.

We publish The Cardinal three times a year: fall, winter and spring.  All articles submitted by OFLA members come to me and I place them in Google Docs.  I send the Google Docs to the editors where they can comment within the documents when they find grammatical errors, spelling errors, etc. Once they are done editing, I take care of their corrections and then place the edited articles in The Cardinal WordPress website for OFLA members to view.

The Cardinal is not a peer edited publication, but having a higher education member to add to the editing team would be so beneficial to edit our higher education submissions.
If this sounds like a way you would like to be involved in OFLA, the editing team needs a few additional editors to join us for the 2023-2024 school year!  If you are interested, please make sure your OFLA membership is current and then contact me at by June 10, 2023. 

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