Ohio Legislators Vote for the Seal of Biliteracy!

Martha Halemba, Hudson City Schools

Professional Development Chair

On December 15, Governor Kasich signed SB3 that also contained HB 487, our Seal of Biliteracy Bill. In ninety days, it will become state law. We have done it! We have provideda means for our students to be recognized on their diplomas if they are literate in two languages. Continue reading

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Exciting News for Camp OFLA 2017

Lori Winne, Ph.D., Early Language Learning Chair
Co-Director, Camp OFLA

OFLA continues to support Camp OFLA with scholarships for campers and stipends for H.S. counselors and teachers. The mission of OFLA is committed to world language study beginning in the primary grades, so that every learner, from early childhood through adult, acquires a high level of communicative and intercultural competence. That mission is represented very well within the week of Camp OFLA and it is a mission for world language learners of all languages.

Three exciting updates are in the works for 2017! First, Camp OFLA will offer more languages and more weeks for campers to participate! Secondly, Illinois will be joining us this summer! Thirdly, pre-service and teachers needing credit for license renewal will have an opportunity to add elementary experience to their coursework. Continue reading

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What’s New for New Teachers?

RESA News for 2017

Lesley Chapman, Beginning Teachers Chair 
French Teacher, Sycamore High School

Like all things new, the RESA program is growing and changing each year. It is important to know what those changes are for this year if you are a teacher in that program. Continue reading

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Twelve Tips for Implementing Authentic Resources in Your Classroom

Lisa Sobb, OFLA Secondary Language Learning Committee Chair
Sylvania Southview High School

The importance of including authentic resources in the world language classroom cannot be overstated.  Not only do they provide exposure to current, authentic language, but they also can be inspiring and motivating when students get to see just how far their language has progressed.  Here are some suggestions I’ve gathered from my experiences incorporating authentic resources in my classroom: Continue reading

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Building a Successful Japanese Program in Marysville

Iya Nemastil
ネマスティル ・イヤ
Ohio Association of Teachers of Japanese, Vice President
Japanese Teacher, Marysville High School

In order to build a successful language program, it is essential to advocate and lead with proficiency-based teaching practices to build a comprehensive language curriculum. The Japanese program in Marysville is in its third year, offering Japanese 1, 2, and 3 at both Marysville High School and Early College High School, as well as Japanese 1 and 7th grade exploratory Japanese at Bunsold Middle School. Our program is currently the largest Japanese program in the state of Ohio with over 200 students enrolled in all three schools. We have built this program from the ground up, adding one level of Japanese at a time. I have had the pleasure to choose a relevant curriculum which is always growing and updating itself with the students’ interests and passions in mind. We don’t use a particular textbook or written curriculum. Instead, we teach high-frequency vocabulary and sentence patterns in order to get our students to be able to communicate and have useful language skills right away. Everything is contextualized and builds on itself, so students are repeatedly exposed to material until it becomes second nature. Continue reading

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Deborah Page

In this issue: Fall Conference Held, Dennis Boyd New OFLA Liaison, Spring 2017 Chapter Meeting/Election for Second Vice President, and 2017 Ohio AATG Officers

Fall Conference Held
The Ohio Chapter of the AATG held its fall conference on November 4-5, 2016 at the Hyatt Place Hotel in Worthington (Columbus). The conference began on Friday afternoon with award-winning Gerhard Maroscher, who presented the history of his recently published memoir, Why Can’t Somebody Just Die Around Here? He traces the story of his family’s life in Transylvania, and how the events of World War II forced family members to flee. The book chronicles their journey and eventual move to the United States, and speaks of the resilience of the human spirit, dedication to family and the love of freedom. Following this presentation, the group enjoyed dinner together, and participated in the sing-a-long with the Columbus Männerchor, who were performing at the restaurant. Continue reading

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2017 National French Contest/Grand Concours Registration

Nicole Hanlon, Buckeye Valley High School
Vice Présidente, AATF Ohio


Interested in having your students participate in the Grand Concours? The National French Contest, “Le Grand Concours” is an annual competition sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French. Students of French in grades 1-12 in all 50 states and abroad take a written test and compete for prizes against students with a similar educational background.

Registration information can be found at https://www.frenchteachers.org/concours/. The sign-up deadline for online testing is February 19th, 2017. If you have any questions, please contact me at nhanlon@mybvls.org. Continue reading

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