The Future of World Language Education

Denise Broda, OFLA Scholarship Chair
Spanish Teacher, Wooster High School

I had the pleasure of getting to meet this year’s conference scholarship winners in April at our annual conference, and that experience left me feeling very optimistic about the future of our profession. This year’s winners were responsible, professional, and enthusiastic about attending workshops and sessions and networking with colleagues. When I saw dedicated young people multitasking while they studied or writing papers at the same time as they worked at the hospitality desk, I knew that they were well-suited to be educators, because multitasking is what we do every day. I am proud to introduce those young professionals: Continue reading

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Central States Conference for Teaching of Foreign Language (CSCTFL) and OFLA Joint Conference

More information is available at!

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2018 iFLT Conference

For anyone serious about teaching for acquisition!

Train with 35+ experienced trainers and coaches!

Krashen, Gaab, Placido, Toth, Davison, Li, Slocum-Bailey, Tatum-Johns, Paukova, Noonan, Wiechart, Boulanger, and many more!

Learn how to align your teaching practices with the principles of language acquisition.

Discover the power of comprehensible input and innovative ways to deliver it!

Conference tracks for all experience levels.

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Expand Your Horizons: Bringing Variety into the Classroom

Samantha Bremner, ELL Chair, Toledo

We’ve all been there. It’s time to teach a lesson about traditional cultures in your classroom. Break out the decorations, mix up or order the food, and settle on for another day to be discussed in World Language. For Spanish, it’s almost always Day of the Dead. It’s a valuable lesson from a beautiful culture. However, it is but one piece of the puzzle. There’s more to Mexican culture and the Spanish speaking world than this one holiday. Our job as teachers is to make the language come alive. In what better way can we do that than incorporating the beautiful cultures of the languages that we teach?

But how do we expand? Research. Google. Ask. Explore. Travel. Be curious. Continue reading

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Making Progress One Step at a Time

Barbara A. Sposet, Ph.D., OFLA Teacher Education & Licensure Committee Chair
Baldwin Wallace University

As we conclude national Teacher Appreciation Week, there are several local and national events of note that have taken place over the first half of 2018 regarding the profession of teaching.
Avoiding a state-wide walkout of teachers, Arizona Gov. Ducy announced a plan in late April to raise teachers’ pay over a three-year period a total of 20% and called for restoring funding to schools. Earlier during the same month teachers in Kentucky and Oklahoma successfully took to the pavement in their respective state capitols and, after a strike of several days, were also succesful in getting a pay raise, albeit much lower than their Arizona peers. ( Continue reading

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AATG Updates

Dennis Boyd, AATG Ohio Treasurer/AATG Ohio Liaison to OFLA
German Teacher, Brunswick High School


The AATG Ohio Spring meeting was held on Friday, April 6, 2018 at the OFLA Conference in Cleveland. Jeff Moore of Brecksville-Broadview Heights High School was elected 2nd Vice President.


Julie Schonauer, New Philadelphia High School/AATG Ohio President Continue reading

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Book Review: Fluent Forever

Derek Braun, TESOL/OFLA Liaison
Columbus City Schools, ELL Science Teacher

Wyner, G. (2014). Fluent forever: How to learn any language fast and never forget it.

The book entitled Fluent Forever is a great resource for anyone involved in the field of teaching and learning languages. This book describes a system of language learning that was developed by author Gabriel Wyner. Not only is this a great read for someone wanting to develop a self-guided language learning plan, it is rich with learning and memorization insights and applications. The author, Gabriel Wyner, is an opera singer and polyglot based in Chicago, IL. Throughout the book, he describes the history of how his love of language learning grew from his first immersion experience of learning German through a 14-week program at Middlebury Language School to becoming a polyglot, and now having learned over six additional languages. Through his immersion experiences, he developed a system to quickly build fluency by studying for short daily sessions. By implementing his learning program, he was able to learn French to fluency in five months and Russian in 9 months. He since has dedicated more time to writing and begun a Kickstarter Project to develop a language learning app that simplifies the language learning program. The app, Indiegogo, is set to release August 2018 and has become the Continue reading

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