Derek Braun, OFLA/TESOL Liaison, Columbus City Schools, ELL Science Teacher

Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) can be an excellent tool for any language teacher. It enables students to continue lessons outside of the classroom and can increase engagement by providing game-like activities and introducing students to authentic materials. This article will review several different websites and apps that every language teacher should know about. A summary and the pros and cons of the follow digital resources will be reviewed; Lyrics Training, Forvo, Edupuzzle, and Quizlet. Continue reading

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Tips to Advocate for Languages in your Building

By Angela Gardner, OFLA PR and Advocacy Committee Chairperson, Spanish Teacher, Ross High School

With a new school year already underway, language educators can start gearing up their program recruitment and advocacy efforts early on to maximize their reach. If you’re new to the education profession or looking for ways to enhance your program, here are some tips to support your efforts to recruit students and to celebrate the benefits of language learning in your building.

Tip 1: Grab your camera

Snap photos of your smiling, engaged students at every opportunity: during your best TPR activities, dancing activities, the crafty moments, the food events, club and service activities, honor society initiations, and more. Post these photos, and corresponding event Continue reading

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Germany Reflection

Staley Heiby
High School Student, OFLA Scholarship Winner (photos submitted by the author have parental permission)


My trip to Heidenheim, Germany was the experience of a lifetime. I was so fascinated by the workings of another culture. If there’s one thing I learned that was most surprising and that was how friendly German people are. Not the fallacy filled friendship experienced in America, but a different kind. They are fabulous entertainers and the best of friends with the ones they truly care for. I went to house parties and events during my stay with my host family. It was quite eye-opening to see life outside of my simple world. Continue reading

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A WEEK OF LANGUAGE TEACHER BOOT CAMP: Organic World Language Summer Boot Camps

David McDonie, French Teacher, Chillicothe City Schools

Over the past three summers, I have had the privilege of attending Organic World Language (OWL) summer boot camps, both as a participant and as a facilitator. This summer I joined a group of curious and motivated educators from across the country in Alexandria, MN to spend a week learning how to become better teachers and how to make our students the center of our classroom..

The theme of the week was ROOAR, which stood for Roots, Open, Overcome, Authentic, and Risk-taking. We spent two days with the Roots theme, because the foundation of our practice is two-fold. First we build relationships with our students. We have fun, we love on them, and we create a community. The first day of the Boot Camp aims to create an Continue reading

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EVOLUTION OF AN EDUCATOR: Reflections on my final year in the K-12 language classroom

Becky Searls, Instructional Coach & Educational Consultant, Elevating Educators; Former Spanish Teacher at Upper Arlington City Schools

I recently left my job as a Spanish teacher! It was a bittersweet decision, because I absolutely love sharing languages, Spanish-speaking cultures, and my own travel abroad experiences with my students. The constraints that go along with a career in K-12 classroom teaching, however, were preventing me from finding long-term happiness in my work.

You may be wondering if I tried anything before throwing in the towel, and I can assure you I did! The year before last, during the 2016–2017 academic year, I took a self-designed traveling sabbatical and got to visit schools all over the world, making it to 13 countries in 12 months to learn about a variety of education systems and helping teachers facilitate meaningful global connections for their students! While it was an invigorating break from typical classroom routine to see what teachers around the world were doing, I found that my sabbatical did not re-invigorate me. Continue reading

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A Year in Review…And the Year to Come!

Beth Hanlon, 2017-2018 OFLA President
Spanish Teacher, Oberlin High School

Dear OFLA colleagues,

I hope your 2017-2018 school year is drawing to a close on a positive note! I also hope this summer will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated to head into the 2018-2019 school year.

I would like to take this opportunity to look back at the 2017-2018 OFLA year. It began with the August board retreat at the Cleveland Marriott. During the retreat, board members discussed and planned for the year as well as created goals. Each board member has been working on accomplishing their goals during this school year based on their board position. In creating these goals, we considered the data that was provided to us from the OFLA member survey that was available in May 2017. Continue reading

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Messages from the President-Elect

Milton Alan Turner, President Elect
French and Spanish Teacher, Saint Ignatius High School

2018 Elections

I would like to thank our outgoing OFLA board members Debbie Varga for serving as our Public Relations and Advocacy Chair, Kerry Parker for serving as Secondary Language Learning Committee Chair, and Shasha Gibbs for serving as Technology Integration Committee Chair. Following our elections earlier this year, we will be adding a few new and familiar faces to the OFLA board. Even though Lucas Hoffman is ending his term as Immediate Past President, we are fortunate to continue to benefit from his wealth of experience and wisdom as he will continue to serve as Executive Treasurer. Richard Emch will continue serving as Parliamentarian and Bylaws Committee Chair. We welcome back Cheryl Johnson from Denison University as Executive Vice President. Cheryl previously Continue reading

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