2013 Conference Planning Team/Committee Chairs

Roslyn Terek, President

2013 Conference Planning Team

Preparations for the upcoming joint CSC/OFLA Conference began well over two years ago and have been moving along at a fast and furious pace. Our Local Arrangements Chair, Sarah Shackelford, has attended two planning meetings along with Patrick Raven, CSC Executive Director; Leann Wilcoxen, 2013 Program Chair and Julie Jezuit, Assistant Program Chair. During each meeting, the 2013 Conference Planning Team members were given updates and details about their tasks.

At the most recent meeting in June the team members were greeted by the staff of the conference venue, the Hilton Downtown Columbus Hotel. Much to the surprise of our team, each staff member held a sign saying “welcome” in many world languages. The Planning Team was given a “hard hat” tour of the hotel which was nearing completion and being readied for its fall 2012 opening date.

Local Committee Chairs Named 

In late June, Sarah and I contacted several current and past OFLA Board Members to ask if they would chair the 2013 Conference Committees. It was with great pleasure that we announced their names during our OFLA August Board Retreat. The 2013 Conference Chairs include: Carol Eiber, Hospitality Chair; Teri Wiechart, Registration Chair; Mary Goodwin, Raffle Chair; Cheryl Johnson, Photography Chair; former OFLA President, Barb Andrews who will work in the capacity of consultant for us. Sarah and I will be share duties as Co-Chairs for Signage and Troubleshooters. One of the first tasks the committee chairs have is to seek committee members from our active OFLA members and to submit their names to us by October 15. Perhaps you will help in their tasks by accepting an invitation from one of them to join their committee!

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