Results of le Grand Concours 2012

Judy Bates

Ohio French students and their teachers participated in increased numbers in le Grand Concours 2012, much to the delight of all francophones. Participation increased from 2000 students in 2011 to 3456 students in 2012! Fantastique! Congratulations go out to over 300 medal winners including 284 bronze medalists (4th-10th place nationally), 19 silver medalists (2nd-3rd place), and 3 gold medalists who ranked first place at the national level. These three first place winners are: Nathan Grant from Cincinnati Country Day School, level 1A; Alex Fellows from Western Reserve Academy, level 2A; and Lauren Kohler from Maumee Valley Country Day School, level 2A. A total of 77 French teachers from 55 different schools participated in the Contest. It was marvelous to see such a widespread level of participation from all over the state. Yes, French is alive and well.

Le Grand Concours 2013 will again be held during the month of March and it is never too early to think about your participation. It is necessary to line up someone to administer the tests, to reserve a room, to think about who will pay the fees, and of course, to start creating enthusiasm among students for participation in the contest. Students were pleased this past year to be awarded not only national medals and/or certificates, but to also receive prizes from the Chapter level. Prizes will be awarded by the Ohio Chapter this coming year as well. If you would like more information about le Grand Concours please feel free to contact your French Contest Administrator, Judy Bates, at jlbates301@aol.com. You might also check for postings on the AATF Ohio website: http://aatfohio.wordpress.com and watch for information sent via the OFLA Listserv.

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