Dear Foreign Language Colleague,

Well we’ve done it again! We’ve organized our classrooms, gone through files for the beginning week, arranged our own desks, tried to look ahead and get everything done that we have no time for once that first bell rings. Most of us are also still sighing that another summer flew by and we didn’t get all our ‘home’ work done. Or is it just me?  

I believe we foreign language teachers are different from other classroom teachers. We like to get together to practice our language! If you would like some constant encouragement, constant information on new ideas, ‘tweaking’ of much used methods, links to all things foreign language… I encourage you to join the Ohio Foreign Language Association. I have been a member for 20 years and have enjoyed every one of them. Just last year I took the job as membership chair because I wanted to give back to the group who had given me so much, and I’m having even more fun!

This year Columbus will host Central States.  Sixteen states will join for this conference. This is the year to join and/or renew your membership! The easiest way is to go to and follow the instructions for paying online with a credit card through Paypal. Or you can make checks payable to OFLA and mail to Ila Hennig, Membership Chair, 1536 McDonald Hill Road, Frankfort, OH 45628. The fee for a professional member is only $45.00.

Very truly yours,

Ila Hennig

¡Vámonos!  Allons!  Das guht!

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