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Lucas Hoffman, Beginning Teachers Committee Chair

Chairing the Beginning Teacher committee has been a positively challenging experience.  In doing some research over the past year, we have found that our committee is one of a kind.  No other state world language organization has a specific committee to represent the interests and needs of teachers with five or fewer years teaching experience.  In a way, we are charting our own path.  If you are a new teacher and have a particular idea on how we might help you and fellow teachers, please contact us via the email listed below.

Congratulations to the nine beginning teachers who will each receive funding to attend the 2013 OFLA/Central States joint conference!

With many world language educators projected to retire over the next few years, it is our job as current OFLA members to promote our own organization.  Next fall, please encourage any OFLA member with less than six years of teaching experience to apply, and write a short letter of support on his or her behalf.  (This year, we actually had additional scholarship awards available; due to the lower than anticipated demand, the extra scholarship support was redistributed to the nine that applied.  Quality professional development is not cheap, so let’s help a maximum number of young teachers benefit from these opportunities.)

At the OFLA/Central States conference, the Beginning Teachers along with the Teacher Education/Licensure Committee will host a panel discussion on the “state of world language teacher education” in Ohio.

Additionally, the Beginning Teachers Committee will hold a meeting at the annual conference for committee members to meet and collaborate.

If you have suggestions or would like to participate in the Beginning Teachers committee, please send an email to :

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