JulieThey happen all the time!

Julie Frye, Lexington High School
Membership Chair

Happy New Year to one and all. I have been spending some holiday time renewing memberships and updating the OFLA contact/member roster. And, as many of you have recently experienced, just when you think you are current and active, you get a reminder that your membership is about to lapse! What’s THAT all about, you ask? (I know that’s what you ask, because I get the letters and e-mails.) From my experience, I believe one of the reasons your membership status can’t be ‘found’ is a name change since you joined. You may be having difficulty logging on because you joined and used an e-mail contact that is no longer valid. A third problem could be that you were away from the classroom for a time, have returned, and now your account is archived and you can’t access it. These are all issues I can help you resolve.

I am asking you to make a New Year’s resolution to log in to, open your personal profile and MAKE SURE all the info is current and accurate. Check spelling, school district, e-mail address, languages taught, and anything else you wish to include. If you have a co-worker that should be on our membership roster, but did not receive this issue of the Cardinal, please share this with them. Contact me for help if you need it: That’s what I am here for! Have a wonderful 2014 & we will see you at the OFLA Conference 2014 in April!

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