2015 Board Election Results



Executive Board

Beth HanlonPresidential Track – 4 Year Term, 2015-2019

Milton Alan Turner – Executive Treasurer – 3 Year Term, 2015-2018

Debbie Varga – Public Relations and Advocacy – 3 Year Term, 2015-2018

Richard Emch – Parliamentarian and By-Laws – 3 Year Term, 2015-2018

Jonathan Harris – Appointed to finish Beth Hanlon’s term as Editor of Print Publications

Committee Chairs – 1 Year Term, 2015-2016

*Elected as a slate

Jean Morris – Scholarship

Leslie Chapman – Beginning Teachers

Dr. Bryan Drost – Technology Integration

Lori Winne – Early Language Learners

Becky Shick – Secondary Language Learners

Diane Ceo-DiFrancesco – College and Teacher Licensure

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