Make Your Membership Meaningful 

JulieJulie Frye, OFLA Membership Chair
French Teacher Lexington High School

“Welcome!” to all of our new members and “Welcome back!” to our renewed members who benefitted from the annual OFLA Conference. Our choice of Kalahari Resort provided a beautiful, spacious venue which gave us the opportunity to offer SO MANY professional development sessions. I hope you were able to implement a few simple things when you returned to your classrooms. Now, though, the REAL work begins: creating your plans for 2015-2016.

MAKE YOUR MEMBERSHIP MEANINGFUL…by building your Professional Learning Network.

Your OFLA membership allows you to take advantage of  professional development all year long. One way to “Make your Membership Meaningful” is to build relationships within our Professional Learning Network, to ask for guidance, and also to contribute when you have expertise and experience to share.


Remember, the LISTSERV subscription is not automatic with your membership. To subscribe, follow the instructions posted at

MAKE YOUR MEMBERSHIP MEANINGFUL…by keeping your profile current.

The only way to check your status, register for OFLA Professional Development and the annual conference, and to receive reminders from us is through an active email address. Every year we have members who forget which email they used to activate their membership and end up creating two (or MORE) membership profiles, and PAYING each time! You don’t want to do that!!! Excuse my overuse of exclamation marks, but this really is an issue.

MAKE YOUR MEMBERSHIP MEANINGFUL…by considering serving on a committee or in a board position.

We are always looking for passionate language educators who are willing to advocate at many levels: local, district, regional and state-wide.



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