Fostering Connections – CHECK! Empowering Communities – CHECK! Celebrating the World – CHECK!

Your OFLA membership does all this and more!

Julie Frye, Lexington High School/OFLA Membership Chair

As the OFLA Executive Board and Committee members prepare for our joint OFLA/CSCTFL annual conference, I invite you to confirm and/or update all of the information provided in your membership profile. Several times each year, we get requests from members for password resets, questions about which email was used in creating the membership, confusion over which level of membership you should join, double and triple profiles for one single member (for all of the above reasons!), and the list goes on.

Prior to the OFLA annual conference, we send reminder postcards via USPO and have HUNDREDS returned to us because of invalid mailing addresses. We send the rest of our communication via email, and get DOZENS ‘kicked back’ to us because of invalid/inactive email addresses.

We want to FOSTER CONNECTIONS by making sure you receive all the exciting news we have to share, so please log in to your OFLA member account and verify that all information is current and correct.

We want to EMPOWER COMMUNITIES by inviting you to attend all the Professional Development we offer. Not only do we have one of the highest attended annual state conferences, but this year we are hosting the entire Central States region! Do you realize what kind of CONNECTIONS AND COMMUNITIES you can enjoy because of that?

Get excited! Get your Professional Development time approved! Get your hotel reservation made! Get your OFLA/CSCTFL Annual Conference registration completed! Get your OFLA member profile updated and … Come CELEBRATE THE WORLD with us 10-12 March 2016 at the Hilton Downtown Columbus.

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