The power of reflection

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As this school year closes, reflection is a powerful tool for combating the “could’ves” and “should’ves” that so often plague educators. Combat this by using the following questions as a guide to help you feel accomplished:
What professional and personal goals did I accomplish this year?
What did my students accomplish in my classroom? Did they reach the new level of proficiency?
Who is in my professional “circle”? Did these people provide a safe place to share and offer support during challenging times? If not, does my circle need to be audited?
What goals would I like to create for next year? When would I like to achieve these goals?
How can I grow professionally during vacation? Will I try to learn about new strategies or types of technology that I can incorporate into my lessons next year? Are there affordable professional development opportunities available?
Most importantly, what will help me to feel renewed for the new school year? How can I make sure not to sacrifice self-care as I serve others?

Wishing you a wonderful and relaxing summer!

Deborah Varga

Public Relations and Advocacy Chair
Ohio Foreign Language Association

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