Teri Wiechart

OFLA Scholarship Chair 2016-2017

Are you a new teacher or a pre-service teacher? Are you looking for ways to help fund your attendance at this year’s OFLA CONFERENCE, March 30-April 1, 2017.

Do you have a study abroad program that you want to attend and need help with funding?

Are you a Spanish teacher interesting in spending time in Mexico?

Are you a classroom teacher with a project you would like help funding?

Read on. . . .

The OFLA Board through contributions of the membership provides funding to aid in the growth of World Language Teachers in Ohio. Our mission is to encourage World Language Teachers to develop special projects through OFLA grants for the development of materials that will be used in the foreign language classroom. There is also a scholarship for Study Abroad and a scholarship to attend the Cemanahuac Educational Community in Cuernavaca, Mexico. There are several scholarships to introduce pre-service teachers/university students and new the OFLA organization by providing scholarship for conference attendance to help defray the cost, Further there is a scholarship to provide funding for an immersion experience for pre-service foreign language teachers and to introduce young students to languages through language camp scholarships.

Deadline for all applications is November 30, 2016.

OFLA members please share this information to every pertinent party.

Descriptions of each scholarship are available at:

OFLA 2017 Conference Scholarship for NEW TEACHERS
The intent of the OFLA Conference Attendance Scholarship is to give an opportunity to new World Languages Teachers who are within their first five (5) years of teaching to attend sessions and workshops at the OFLA Conference in order to learn about OFLA, build upon current knowledge as a World Languages Teacher, and to network with other World Languages professionals.

Application form:

OFLA 2017 Conference Scholarship for UNIVERSITY STUDENTS
The intent of OFLA Conference Attendance Scholarship is for preservice World Language Teachers to attend sessions and workshops at the OFLA Conference in order to learn about OFLA, builds upon their knowledge as a future World Languages, and to network with other World Languages professionals.

•Application form:


[Note: The scholarship itself comes from the Cemanahuac Educational Community. The OFLA Scholarship committee chooses the recipient for them.}

•Scholarship applications must be completed online at

Applications must be completed by November 30, 2016.

•Applications must include a 250-300 word essay explaining how the applicant fits the criteria of the scholarship, why they would like to participate and how this will impact their teaching career.

•Applications must include a letter of reference from a department chair, administrator or other professional who can speak to your ability to fulfill the criteria of the scholarship.

The Cemanahuac Educational Community is generously offering a scholarship opportunity for an Ohio Spanish teacher to study in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico. This scholarship will be awarded to a teacher in a Spanish program at any level, elementary through secondary, in a public, private or parochial school. The dollar value of this award is $1129.00 and includes registration, tuition for two weeks of intensive Spanish language study; double occupancy family housing with all meals. Other expenses, in addition to airfare, which the recipient would have to cover on his/her own, would be transfer to Cuernavaca (about $16 US each way), a textbook ($45), cultural field study trips, and personal expenses. The recipient can attend Cemanahuac anytime during 2017.

They will again be offering a special workshop for language teachers, July 1–15, 2017, and these have been very well received. It is not necessary that the scholarship recipient come at the time of this workshop but he/she might really enjoy this interaction with other teachers from around the United States.

The scholarships will be awarded on the basis on a competitive application basis, since the award is worth a great deal of money and should have some prestige attached to it. Priority will be given to a teacher who has had less opportunity to travel before and who will make the very best use of this opportunity to share the knowledge gained in his or her classroom. While they offer information about the rich culture and history of Mexico, their emphasis at Cemanahuac is on improvement of Spanish language ability, and thus a native speaker or a teacher with excellent language fluency will gain less from the Cemanahuac experience than a non-fluent speaker. So they ask us to select a teacher whose language ability needs improvement.

They take our entire educational program very seriously, and they expect every student will do the same. They hope all of their students will feel a serious commitment to the full educational program, including the weekend field study excursions, and not leave for personal travel in the middle of the Cemanahuac two-week study period. They ask for a teacher who is able to concentrate for two full weeks on what they offer at Cemanahuac.

They web page,, has continuing information about their educational opportunities for teachers at all levels, including how teachers can earn graduate level academic credit, regardless of their level of Spanish.

Please contact the Programs Coordinator if you have any questions about this scholarship or any aspect of study at Cemanahuac.

Vivian B. Harvey

Educational Programs Coordinator

United States address: 3106 Walden Ravines, Columbus, OH 43221

This scholarship is intended to provide some assistance to students planning to become world language teachers. OFLA believes in the value of immersion experiences, especially those planning to become professionals in the field. There is one scholarship of $1000 available. NOTE: Scholarships are NOT awarded for tours or vacations abroad, only for immersion experiences, home stays, study abroad, language camp, exchange programs, etc.

•Application form:


Application form:

A complete description of OFLA Teacher Grants is available at:

•Any active member of the Ohio Foreign Language Association is eligible to apply for an OFLA Teacher Grant, with the exception of those who serve on the selection committee.

•Proposed projects must lead to the development of materials that will be used in the foreign language classroom, and that will benefit the teaching of world languages in the State of Ohio.

•Proposed projects must be related to the mission of the Ohio Foreign Language Association, furthering the study of foreign language in Ohio, and be of potential benefit to other OFLA members or to his /her students.

•Grantees must agree to present their project in a session at the annual conference following the award or in an article for the Cardinal. Materials must be made available for use by the general OFLA membership

•Grants are only available to persons who have been professional or lifetime OFLA members in good standing for at least five years.

All completed applications must be received by November 30, 2016!

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