Tech Team Announces Overhaul to Livebinders & Professional Learning


Dr. Bryan Drost

OFLA Technology Integration Chair

On behalf of the OFLA Tech team, I want to welcome you back to an exciting school year! Our committee’s mission is to support your students’ growth through proficiency growth through technology.

This year we have three primary goals to help support you:

1.Coming over the next month, we are updating our Livebinders. These resources which integrate technology into the integrated performance assessment are being revised. Our plan is to incorporate the IPAs into our rubric for tech integration, reorganize the content, up the number of languages represented, and much more. Watch the OFLA Listserv for each release of this project.

2.Technology as you know is constantly changing and it is crucial that you know about the changes that are happening to help support your students’ language acquisition. Follow our team on Twitter @OFLATech, where we are tweeting 3-4 times per week with tips, tricks, and technology techniques for the WL classroom.

3.We’ve received increased requests for professional learning on various topics as well as feedback that is asking us to differentiate our PD. Following our tech rubric, we have revised our PD offerings for this upcoming year. As you are signing up, please check the offering descriptor of Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and our rubric to see if the session will meet your needs.

As you’re busy working in your classrooms, please do not hesitate to reach out to us regarding what’s going on and ways we can support you. We’d love to help you. E-mail us at mailto:bdrost@kent.eduor send a tweet to connect!

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